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Case Study 1

Case study for the Council

A Large metropolitan Council in Victoria commissioned us to undertake a waste audit of a number of Council buildings and operations. The primary purposes were to measure levels of recycling based on a previous audit and then to investigate options to improve the diversion of materials to landfill – by both type and volume. This project involved collecting samples of materials from all these sites and physically sorting into a broad range of categories (27 in total). Accompanying this was investigations into the systems utilised by each site as well as staff waste management education programs. This project found that while recycling rates were consistent with the audit undertaken several years ago, there were many opportunities identified to reduce contamination of the recycling streams and reduce leakage of recyclables into the general waste – as an example, approximately 50% by volume of the general waste was in fact materials that were recyclable. Recommendations ranged from ensuring recycling bins were correctly located to introducing systems for organics (20% by volume of materials audited were organics), and other materials. Importantly, the strategies developed were individual to each site so as to ensure that the revised waste/recycling systems were sustainable and cost-effective.

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