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Waste Due Diligence

Detailed Waste Due Diligence Reporting To Ensure Compliance

A detailed Waste Due Diligence report will identify environmental liabilities, the levels of risk associated with one or many sites, and identify approximate costs associated with any identified risks. Waste Due Diligence will also help to identify where any statutory or governmental regulation non-compliance has occurred.

The important nature of waste due diligence reporting requires experts who can identify and clearly understand every aspect of the waste management cycle. Waste due diligence typically focuses on two main areas:

  • Is the data that has been reported or being reported, accurate?
  • Is all waste and recycling material that is generated at each property managed in line with the environmental legislation of each state.

Through a detailed analysis of current reporting, past reporting, land-use and other site-specific details, Waste Audit and Consultancy Services can clearly document the systems and practices currently in place, what is required, and verify the waste and recycling facility’s legal ability to accept materials currently being received.

Waste Audit and Consultancy Services has the necessary experience in all levels of waste management and waste audit reporting, including Environmental Management Planning (EMP) auditing to establish the effectiveness of construction or operational environmental management plans within an organisation, and Environmental Management Systems (EMS) auditing to determine compliance with each of the requirements of AS/NZS 14001:2004.

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