Waste Audit

Find Improved Efficiency and Real Savings With A Comprehensive Waste Audit

When you know what waste you generate, how much waste you generate and where you generate this waste, you can then manage this waste for maximum cost-effectiveness, and also be environmentally friendly. A waste audit is a physical analysis of waste composition to provide a detailed understanding of problems, identify potential opportunities, and give you a detailed analysis of your waste composition.

A Waste Audit will help you clearly identify your waste generation to:

  • Establish baseline or benchmark data.
  • Characterise and quantify waste streams.
  • Verify waste pathways.
  • Identify waste diversion opportunities.
  • Identify source reduction opportunities.
  • Assess effectiveness and determine ways to improve efficiency of your current waste management systems.
  • Gain specific information for local government or NABERS accreditation purposes.
  • Obtain detailed data on waste generation.

Waste Audit and Consultancy Services has successfully completed waste audits for many organisations in both the public and private sector. With customised data analysis techniques combined with a comprehensive database of industry waste generation rates, your waste generation will be measured against key benchmarks to identify key waste opportunities, problems and efficiency potential for your organisation.

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