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Green Star Rating

Green Star Environmental Rating System

The Green Star environmental rating system for buildings was developed by the Green Building Council of Australia (“GBCA”). Green Star is Australia’s first comprehensive rating system for evaluating the environmental design and performance of Australian buildings based on a number of criteria including energy and water efficiency, indoor environment quality and resource conservation. The Green Star rating system encourages the adoption of green building practices, technologies, design practices and operations into mainstream design, construction and building operations, by setting a standard of measure for green buildings, establishing a common language and promoting integrated, whole building design.

With significant experience in the development of Waste Management Plans to meet Green Star rating requirements, Waste Audit and Consultancy Services can help your organisation to achieve a Green Star Rating.

Waste Audit and Consultancy Services are also accredited RABQSA ISO 50001 Auditors who have worked with a number of developers in the preparation of waste management plans. It’s this significant depth of industry experience in the understanding of waste flows, waste systems and waste practices, plus having assisted clients with detailed waste management programs for office towers, education, hospitality, retail and residential sectors that puts you in safe hands to achieve your Green Star rating.

Helping Developers Achieve Green Star Ratings

Waste Audit and Consulting Services will work with developers to achieve Green Star Rating compliance by undertaking the following activities:

  • Estimate the waste profile for the development
  • Estimate the quantity of waste and recycling generated by the development
  • Detail recommended systems for the management of the estimated waste profile
  • Review the proposed waste areas to ensure consistency with waste systems, volumes and Green Star requirements
  • Outline waste management practices to maximise recycling initiatives and ensure the effective management of waste.

The outcome of these activities will be detailed in the Waste Management Plan with specific commentary against each of the specific Green Star requirements.

Contact us to get more information on what you need to do to attain your Green Star Rating.

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